Polish President and the First Lady are to be buried in Krakow

Today on Sunday 18th of April we join Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria Kaczyńska in their last trip. This day marks end of a week of national mourn. The couple died Saturday, the 11th of April 2010, in a tragic plane crash in Russia near a town of Smolensk.


Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Colin Farrell – Ondine – Krakow Story

It makes me feel weird looking at the statistics that everyone wants to know about Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Colin Farrell – a couple who have met during shooting of Ondine. It is in fact a story related to Krakow – they have visited our city plenty of times and even christen their son here. Anyway – just so it’s certain: it is not the most important story about Krakow!
More info here – http://www.roomwithaviewkrakow.com/news/alicja-bachleda-curus-and-colin-farrell-ondine-poster.html

Restaurants in Krakow

And now for something for people who enjoy good cuisine wherever they go. RoomwithaViewKrakow.com, one of the best and definitely independent websites about Krakow, just published series of articles on Krakow’s restaurants. The most recent ones would be reviews of Hard Rock Cafe in Krakow, Sakana Sushi Bar – Japanese cuisine in Krakow, La Strada – italian food in Krakow and something for Jewish style cuisine lovers Klezmer Hois. Enjoy reading!

cheap flights to poland

Many things has been said and written about the advantages of cheap airlines. One thing worth mentioning though, is that there are certain disadvantages of cheap flights as well. On the minus side – you are more likely to be treated no better that just a number, one of many, many …. Especially Centralwings – cheap flights to Uk, Scotland, leads the way. Not only more that half of my journeys were re-scheduled without any possibility of having anything to say about that. They just call you, or even just write you an email saying simply that your flight schedule has been changed. Also they are really picky with the luggage. Most of all – after changing my departure time the wouldn’t take my calls. I had been trying for a week, every day, with no results whatsoever. The operator said that ‘the person on the other side has hanged up the phone’ … Really unprofessional.
I strongly recommend to choose another airlines.
best regards – this time from uk

Spring in Krakow

Hallo again,

we all hope the spring will show up in Krakow really soon. But until now March has been rather unpleasant and not encouraging to do any tourism connected activities. It’s still cold and quite wet, the temperature around 0. So – if you come to Poland don’t forget your hat and hot jacket. Otherwise … well, you know, you’ll get a cold. Anyway – the spring is coming with such events as Krakow Fashion Awards 2008, The Wojciech Cejrowski Show or Romanian Culture Festival, all in April.

Winter in Krakow?

Well … simple as that – wear a hat and a scarf, don’t go out too often and take care of yourself. Winter can be tough in Poland, but fortunately there are some ideas … It’s always possible to go and have a portion of moulded wine in the Market Square. Straight from the barrel. Also – polish speciality is a hot beer with spices added. It’s tasty, spicy and really worming up. So – enjoy.

Stags and Hens in Poland

And yet another tradition completely unknown for an average polish citizen. Getting drunk before you got married indeed was a part of our tradition – but without any reference to animals. Well … it’s changed now by the western civilization influences.

Anyway – stag and hen parties are more often localized in Poland, especially Krakow and Wroclaw. Typically you can choose from variety of stag or hen activities – from easy and innocent such as paintball or bowling to something more for party animals – strip or pub crawling. There are also more unusual offers – parachuting, vodka chess (you loose a piece you drink) or a whole night out. Well … enjoy! Poland is still a country where the beer is cheap, hotels relatively inexpensive and girls very, but very pretty.

Culture in krakow

Krakow is a city of culture. It’s said that as Warsaw is a capital in political and economical sense, Krakow is a cultural capital of Poland. Planty of galleries, museums, historical sights and significant monuments make the city the most important place in the whole country. Such places as Bunkier Sztuki, Galicia Jewish Museum or monumental National Museum in Krakow are not only important but also speak to the people of all ages. In short – if you come to Krakow don’t forget to take it cultural side under the consideration.

Christmas in Krakow

Christmas in Poland are traditionally polish, Catholic and very official. You’re suppose to visit your family, eat 12 dishes served on the Christmas Eve supper. Then go the a midnight mass and sing Christmas songs all the way. On the Christmas Day you also go to the church and then basically eat and watch tv. Also people wish good health and prosperity to each other. Well … at least that how it’s done. And after you survive couple of days, usually free of work, only thing to cope with is a New Year celebration. But that’s in the next episode…

interactive map of krakow

Krakow provider wide range of hotels and hostels. Depending on your budget you can choose between hundreds of places. One rather important notice is that you would check where it is before booking a room. Some hotels may offer better prices and be located centrally, some others may be expensive even though you have to travel to reach the Market Square, Wawel or Kosciuszko Mound. So – better travel with head. Look at the interactive map of krakow with some of the hotels and hostels localized and described. Have a good stay in Poland.

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